Selling your home

Even though most people will find themselves in unique situations when first contacting us, depending what your goals are, most encounters fall into our most common categories. Either you are here because you need to: Sell a property, Buy a property, or Invest in Real Estate. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, what does the process look like for the category you are interested in. We’ll show you!

What are my options?

For Sale By Owner – You plop a sign in your yard, put an ad on Craigslist, the news paper, you hand out flyers, and you sit back on your couch and wait for the phone calls. You may know someone who’s done this, or you have have tried it yourself. It can be a hit & miss approach, and you have to do all of the work yourself. Paperwork, oh the paperwork, you haven’t had to look at this much paper in one place since your school years, but you get to save on that 6% commission right?!

Realtor – The most widely recognized method is making use of a Realtor to handle the process for you, for a 6% commission. Ouch that can be a painful chunk of cash to give away, but hey, they are doing all the legwork for you right?

The WISE Way – The process of selling your home doesn’t need to be a headache, nor does it need to be complicated. As a Real Estate investment firm, WISE Properties can combine the best of both worlds! We pay with cash, so the big banks are out of the picture (that means less paperwork & less hassle), we can close as fast as 2 weeks, and best of all, there is no cost to you (no pesky commissions – yay!).


How the process works

CalendarStep 1: Schedule an Appointment

Time to complete this step: 24-48 hours, or on your schedule.
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Book a walk-through of your property either by filling out our online form or by calling in. This allows us to get to know you, and understand your unique circumstance. Everyone’s situation is different, this is crucial for us to custom tailor the experience to you!

Thumb_UpStep 2: Walk-through & Offer

Time to complete this step: 24-48 hours. 

During the walk-through, we will take photos, and evaluate the property to assess repairs that we will need to do. We then take our information back to the office to complete our due diligence and start drafting our cash offer. In some cases an offer can be made the same day, however if a specialist is needed to evaluate any issues, it may add time.

SearchStep 3: Inspection Period

Time to complete this step: 3 Days – 2 Weeks, or on your schedule.

The Inspection period takes the longest amount of time in the process. This is when the Title Company researches the title on the property, our contractors will walk-through the property with us, we ensure all of our renovation plans are in order, we plan our scope of work with the contractors, and ensure we haven’t missed any potential problems on our initial walk-through. This is also when we make sure our cash is ready to go in order to purchase your property! It is during this period that 1 of 3 Scenarios will play out:

1) We Discover some defect that precludes our ability to close on the property (ie. $20,000 foundation repair issue not noticed in the initial walkthrough). This scenario is rare however, as we intend to buy properties in as-is condition and expect there to be problems. If it is a huge problem that “breaks the bank”, we will need to renegotiate the terms of our agreement before we can continue.

2) Everything lines up perfectly, and ‘The Boss’ gives us the green light to close on the deal! This is the most common course of action.

3) We wholesale our rights to the contract to a 3rd party renovation team. In some cases, whether it be due to unavailability of contractors to due the work due to work load, our cash reserves are depleted for the month, or the project doesn’t quite fit our mission, per our contract we retain the right to assign our rights to the contract to a 3rd party renovation team who will step in for us, and purchase the property. We charge them a small fee for our time inspecting, and negotiating the terms, and they close on the property, and YOU get paid. We use this and other creative deal structures to work around problems, so that everybody wins!

HomeStep 4: Contract Acceptance

Time to complete this step: 3 Days after the inspection period ends or sooner.

Once the inspection period is over, we will contact you to let you know everything is in order, and we are ready to close. Sometimes we are able to finish inspections earlier within the allotted inspection period and can be ready to close sooner. If you are ready as well, we set up a mutual time to meet at the Title Company to sign the closing documents.

CustomerFinal Step: Another Happy WISE Properties customer!

Time to satisfaction: Immediate!

Congratulations, you made it! That wasn’t so hard after all, was it? Of course not, we make the process very easy, and worry-free. We ensure everybody involved wins. You get a payday, we helped a lot of professionals, contractors & craftsman find work, once the renovation is complete, a new family will have a pretty spectacular place to call home!